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Abdul Qadeer Khan father of Pakistan’s nuclear Device

Nuclear Physicist and Metallurgical Engineer

Abdul Qadeer Khan

Abdul Qadeer khan was the founder of the Uranium Enrichment program in Pakistan and that program laid Pakistan to build Pakistan’s Atomic bomb.

Abdul Qadeer khan was a Nuclear Physicist and Metallurgical Engineer. He also Known as “A.Q khan”.

Abdul Qadeer khan

Khan get the doctorate engineering in 1972.H   E start his career as a Physicist in the laboratory in Amsterdam under supervision of Martin j.braber. In start he used to work on the high strength metals that were used in the development of centrifuges.

AQ Khan Nulear lecture

After the war of 1971, President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto approved a crush program in order to develop an Atomic bomb. This program will allow use of Military grade plutonium in the development of atomic bomb.

Latter in 1974, when khan came to know the program of nuclear bomb where started. He want to become a part of it so he apply for metallurgist and get a job in nuclear program.


Abdul Qadeer khan done two year of working on the plutonium but he was not happy with the working on plutonium.

In 1974, He took a taxi straight to the Prime Minister Secretariat. His session with Bhutto was held at midnight and he highlight the importance of using Uranium in making of Atomic bomb. After that session Bhutto held different meets on this topic with many theorists. Qadeer last session with Zulfikar Bhutto advocate the development of fused design to compress single fission elements in the metalized gun Atomic device which will be opposed by the fellow theorists.

Bhutto sensed the great danger in Atomic program as Scientist were split between Uranium and plutonium. So Bhutto held a meeting with Khan. After meeting Khan took enrichment division and separate from other division. Engineering Research Laboratories  were came into being and PAEC have no involvement in this Project. Abdul Qadeer khan were get the control and now he will work according to his own desire.

nuclear bomb

In 1998, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif authorize the nuclear testing program under supervision of PAEC. Prime Minister Sharif ordered Ishfaq Ahmed of PAEC to perform the test in Chagai. When this news reached to the Khan, He was very frustrated with Prime Minister Decision. So Khan make call to the head offices in order to get involvement in the Test performed in Chagai. This will work and he get involved in the test preparations and present at the time of testing along with PAEC.

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Abdul Qadeer khan

On 28 May, 1998   detonation of Pakistan’s first nuclear devices was successfully performed under Codename Chagai. The sum of force and yield produced by nuclear bomb were round about 40kt of nuclear force. A Single plutonium device had produced the yield of 20kt of nuclear force and produced bigger impact than uranium.

Abdul Qadeer khan

Many of Qadeer khan fellow workers irritated that he seemed to enjoy full credit of nuclear bomb. Qadeer has small contribution in this project and seems to enjoy the full credit of it.


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