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Meet Moiz Shaukat

A Disabled person inspiration for all

Motivational Speaker Moiz Shaukat said : “If you can dream it, you can do it”

This is the Story of Motivational Speaker, Moiz Shaukat, a 16 Years old Disabled boy.
Disabled people are considered to be the neglected part in Pakistan, as they attract more sympathies and dependencies.

Motivational Speaker Moiz Shaukat  Told PakistaniStories.com

“When I was at school, I was called with the label ‘Disable boy’ rather than my own name.”

It was quite challenging for me to accept this label and stay hopeful with my life especially when 2 operations of my leg and arm remained unsuccessful, he said.

Motivational Speaker
Moiz Shaukat is a physically challenged boy, but He never let this thought tangle his mind. He Kept fighting for his identity & recognizing his skills; finally, He has discovered the person inside his soul.

Moiz said; He realized that

“I’ve the capacity to stand against this label and prove that I am not worthless”.

By his aimful struggle and self-determination, Moiz becomes Pakistan’s Youngest Writer, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Recently, Finished his First Book & working on the Second one.

Moiz, with his Motivational Speeches, inspired thousands of students who were in inferiority complex due to poverty and disabilities, he also inspired the parents of thousands of Pakistani Students with his power of speech.

Moiz Recently made an organization to give financial support to the families of orphans and disabled persons, named that organization as “Dream Builders”.

During interview with Pakistani Stories Moiz explained his nature as;

Moiz Shaukat Pakistani Stories Salim Ghori
I have a free mind, a motivated soul & hands to write. This simply makes me feel complete.

He has some questions to the Pakistani Youth,

What if you-you can move freely but you have a caged mind?

What would your physical stability serve you then?

Moiz writes and speaks on various motivational platforms to encourage others. He Claims that his family is very supportive, as they are doing everything to support his cause. Moiz admires his parents Especially, his mother.

Moiz said, these words of his mother always supported him on every stage of life “Whatever you do, be different, if you are different, you will stand out.” I always remind myself these words of my mother, whenever I feel stressed, he added.

Be Like Moiz Shaukat, Never Give up.

Author: Saud Ahmed Chandoor


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