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Ibn al-Haytham- Father of Optics

Ibn al Haytham Alhazen

Ibn al Haytham

Muslim History is full of Scientists  and these people  changed the course of human history by their invention. One of the Famous Scientist is Ibn al Haytham-father of optics. Ibn al Haytham Alhazen was an astronomer, Physicist and Mathematician in the Golden days of Muslims. He made many contribution the field of optics and visual Perception.

Light and visual perception optics ibn al haytham father optics

Ibn al Haytham have write 96 books but now only 55 books are known to have survived. Some of his Famous books name which include the work of Light and optics

The Light of the Moon

The Light of the Stars

The Rainbow and the Halo

The Formation of Shadows

Book of Optics

The Work of ibn al Haytham basically based on two major points

1: He showed the world that how person saw an objects by entering the light into the eyes and show all the cases related to the work of visualization in human eye ball.

2: He also write experiments related to the optics in his books. He basically picks the idea of Greek based culture of second century which Alexandria.

When Ibn al Haytham was young he used to say that If I Would get a chance .I will implements a solution to stop the Nile Flooding. This quote was reached to the Caliph. Caliph of Egypt invited him to Cairo. He was very confident on his abilities and his work. He want to make a huge dam to stop the flooding. Caliph have gave him a chance. After sometime when he spent time he acknowledged that making a dam is not possible so he return to Cairo to tell caliph.


At that time Caliphs did not entertain failures but he risk his life and tell the caliph. Caliph did not gave order to eliminate him but Caliph decide to put him under protective custody. Ibn al Haytham have made different experiments on light in his dark room in the protective custody.

Light and visual in custody

He proposed the ideas about the light and visualization in his book “Book of Optics”. This book is also known as Master piece of Haytham.

Ibn al Haytham Alhazen book of optics

Ibn Al Haytham was released when Caliph was dead. Later on, he performs different experiments on light. He was dead at the age of 74 in 1040.

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