Imran Khan puts the cart before the horse 

Speaking to Baloch students recently, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that treatment of Muslims in India proves that the demand for Pakistan was justified.

With due respect to him, I think he has put the cart before the horse. It is because of Partition in 1947 that minorities are treated badly, both in India and in Pakistan.

As explained by me in my article ‘ The Truth about Pakistan ‘ ( see online ), there was no Hindu-Muslim animosity before 1857. Hindus and Muslims used to live like brothers, Hindus participating in Eid and Muharram, and Muslims in Holi and Diwali. 

In the Mutiny of 1857 Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. After suppressing the Mutiny, the British decided that the only way to control India was divide and rule ( see ‘ History in the service of Imperialism ‘ by B.N.Pande online ).

How this policy was implemented has been explained by me in detail in ‘ The Truth about Pakistan ‘ and in ‘ History in the service of Imperialism ‘ and so I am not repeating it.

Suffice it to say that Hindu-Muslim animosity is not inherent, as some people assume, but was artificially created, first by the British, and after 1947 by some of our politicians. In fact when Indians go to Pakistan they are overwhelmed by the love and affection they get, and the same happens when Pakistanis come to India.

So if we had a united India ( which I am sure will materialize one day ) under a strong secular govt which did not tolerate religious extremism, whether Hindu or Muslim, no community would be persecuted or victimized.

By Justice Markandey Katju
former Judge, Supreme Court of India   
Disclaimer: The views expressed by  the writer former Justice of Supreme Court  Markandey Katju and commenters below do not reflect the views and policies of the PakistaniStories.com.
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