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July 25th election brought the former Captain and star cricketer Imran Khan apparently the prime minister of Pakistan.

It’s the second consecutive handover of government from one political party PML(N) to another political party PTI in a country where military coups are not rare.


On 27 July, election officials declared that Khan’s party had won 110 of the 269 seats giving PTI majority in parliament.

imran khan's hope for hope

Khan became the first person in the history of Pakistan who contested and won in all five constituencies, surpassing Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who contested in four but won in three constituencies in 1970.

However, all political parties have accepted Imran Khan’s win despite made the allegation of mass rigging by the armed forces of Pakistan.

Imran founded his political party in 1996 he fought lonely for two decades and finally his party won majority seats in general elections and is likely to take the oath before 14th of August.

Now Khan will have to face the challenge to govern the country of 220 million people with 40 per cent of people under the poverty line.

Khan has promised “NAYA PAKISTAN” which ensures the creation of 10 million jobs and bring back millions of dollars back from overseas.IMRAN KHAN'S HOPE

He also promised to take drastic measure for climate change and reforms in Education and Health.

Now it is a big challenge for Imran to fulfil all his promises which he made to the youth of his country otherwise his end will be even worse than of Nawaz.

All major political parties already allied against PTI and if Imran successfully becomes the prime minister he will bear the strongest opposition this parliament ever had.

We all hope for Imran’s success in the making of “NAYA PAKISTAN” but now as being the ruling party, he should be ready to accept criticism and be ready to face outrage of citizens if he fails.


Written by: Iftikhar Younis Peerzada



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