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Indo-Pak-B’desh Reunification Association

India pakistan and bangladesh should reunite under a secular govt.

Met a Pakistani who has lived for over 35 years in America. He grew up in Lahore, and keeps going there. He has developed an interest in Sanskrit, so someone advised him to meet me.

I told him to first read my article ‘ Sanskrit as a language of science ‘ and we will discuss the topic later.
He invited me to come to Pakistan. I told him I was very keen to come, and I have never visited Pakistan. I was particularly keen to visit Lahore, since my revered grandfather, late Dr.K.N.Katju had studied in Rangmahal High School and Forman Christian College around 1900-1904 and I was keen to visit the famous Anarkali Bazaar, Badshahi mosque, etc but I am sure I will never get a visa since I have called Pakistan a fake, artificial country, which was part of India since Mughal times, and is bound to be reunited with it under a secular govt.

I also told him that I met the Pakistan High Commissioner to India, Sohail Mahmood at an Iftaar in Delhi and expressed my desire to visit Pakistan. He said he would arrange it, but thereafter did not respond to my repeated emails. Maybe some higher up in Islamabad told him I am persona non grata. persona

He said he would arrange for my visa, but I told him if I come to Pakistan I will publicly say Pakistan is a fake country and is bound to reunite with India under a secular govt, that members of extremist organisations like Tehreeke Labaik, Hizbul Mujahideen, Sipahe Sahiba etc should be shot like mad dogs, and the only solution to the Kashmir problem is reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

He agreed to my concept of Indo-Pak-B’desh Reunification Association and will set up a group for this.

By Justice Markandey Katju
former Judge, Supreme Court of India   
Disclaimer: The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not reflect the views and policies of the
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