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Mahoor Shahzad National Badminton Champion; Making Pakistan Proud

Mahoor Shahzad is
Undefeatable National Champion for 3 years!

Mahoor Shahzad is Pakistan’s First Female Badminton Player who has made into the TOP 200 in the world securing 192th Position.
Mahoor Shahzad is National Badminton Champion of Pakistan. She won Gold Medal in Nepal and She is the Only Girl from Pakistan to participate in Asian Olympics 2020 Project.

Mahoor Shahzad

She started playing badminton when she was just 11 years old and participated in the National Junior Badminton Championship in the categories of Under 16 and Under 19. Outperforming everyone’s expectations. won the Final of under 19 and named the title of National Junior Champion to herself at the age of only 13 years.
Answering a question asked to Mahoor Shahzad in an interview by IBA Magazine she says about his dressing that she wear trousers because she feels more comfortable and easy in her legs covered.

I wear trouser while playing badminton, whereas all the foreign players wear skirts or shorts. People say that wearing trouser, to some extent, act as a hindrance, but since I have been wearing trousers for a couple of years now, so I am used to of it. I respect the thinking that we, girls, should cover our legs. So even in the future if I decide to change my attire, I would wear a skirt with tights.


Mahoor Shahzad told PakistaniStories that her parents are very supportive and always encourages her to play badminton from day one.

My Father is so supportive that he finds out which international tournaments I should play, pays for the tournament and then accompanies me also in those tournaments. Earlier, he used to train me in the morning also.

Mahoor Shahzad

Mahoor was just 17 years old when she represented Pakistan in Asian games 2014, In Commonwealth Games 2018, She was the only one from her team to win two main rounds and then eventually ended up with the 9th position.

Mahoor Shahzad

Mahoor is the only badminton player from Pakistan to get selected in the Asian Olympic Project 2020. It’s after several years that someone from Pakistan has got selected in this program, and that also a female. So it’s a great honor for Pakistan.

Mahoor Graduated from IBA in May 2018 and got the excellence award from IBA on convocation 2018.

Mahoor Shahzad Nation Badminton Champion

Not only this, Mahoor won the GOLD medal in the Nepal International Corporate Badminton Tournament held in Kathmandu, Nepal from 23 July 2018 to 28 July 2018 and she is Winner of Pakistan International Series 2017.

She got selected by the Pakistan Olympic association to represent Pakistan in the 4th youth Camp of the Chinese Olympic Committee held in Guangzhou, China from 27 November 2016 to 3 December 2016.

She represented Pakistan in the International badminton tournaments held in Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Latvia, Lithuania, Nepal, England, and Dubai.

Mahoor Shahzad is a role model to all Pakistani Youngsters especially the girls having interest in athletics can see her achievements. Mahoor Shahzad set an example for Pakistani women to come forward and play their role in sports and athletics.

Pakistani Stories wishes Mahoor Goodluck and decided to support her in all possible ways in her sports career so that she can make us more proud.

More power to you, Mahoor !!!

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Mahoor Shahzad (Official)

Written by : Saud Ahmed Chandoor

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