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Media Mogul of Pakistani History

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Media Mogul of Pakistani History

As we all are aware of Moguls of Sub-Continent, they created a history which no one can forget till the Day of Judgment. Same happened in 1974 a kid born with the name Muhammad Salman Iqbal in one of the wealthiest families of Karachi. Salman Iqbal did his graduation from the University of Houston and became one of the most successful businessmen and is blessed to be the world’s youngest Media Entrepreneur.

Salman Iqbal is the founder of Pakistan’s largest 24-hours media cycle TV Network known as ARY Digital Group (a subsidiary of the ARY Group). From General Parvez Musharraf’s era back to 2001 he started this from England and now its spread over 130 countries including Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, North America, and many other regions of the world.

Salman became Chief Executive of ARY Group in 2014 after the demise of his uncle Abdul Razzak Yaqoob who was the real founder of ARY group and opened its first outlet in Fikri market Deira, Dubai in 1972, with the intention to cater the needs of the South Asians. Today, their business seems credible that only one generation has made this group into a giant empire. Salman’s broadening from 1 channel to 12 has made ARY Pakistan’s most abundant and most-watched Television Network and the World’s Number one source of Urdu Entertainment, News and Content.

Salman is also the franchise owner of “Karachi Kings” which he won in Dec 2015. Karachi Kings was the most expensive team, with the ARY Group purchasing it for $2.6m per year for ten years equals $26 Million (equivalent to 3027700000.00 PKR in 2018).


Team’s Titanium sponsor was Bahria Town with being Brighto Paints the official partner and many more. ARY group itself was the media sponsor of the franchise. The franchise didn’t perform well in 2016 with having only 2 wins and 6 losses of the tournament. In 2017 & 2018 team played well but unfortunately, eliminators were their last stop.


He is also a film producer, CEO of ARY Films; Salman’s team produced three movies Lahore Se Aagey, 3 Bahadur, and Dobara Phir Se in 2016 and then the legacy got a massive boost that they had launched 30 films under their banner including Punjab Nahi jaungi is ranked on the top.






Salman Iqbal, Chief Executive of ARY Digital Network, launched a local Newsweek magazine in English and Arabic in June 2015. The reason behind this milestone was that “The West has always seen the Middle East from their point of view”. Salman also made a daring move to take over BOL, but in 2015 he announced that he would no longer hold the reigns to the project. The sudden move was termed as an unfortunate event. Still, the net worth of Salman Iqbal is increasing at a whopping $90 Million per year as of 2016-2017, with being the total Net Worth of $500 Million (2017).

Salman has 2 marriages on record with Sabeen being the first and lives in Dubai the second home of Salman. They both shares 2 son and a daughter. Second Wife of Salman Iqbal Sonya Khan Model & Actress got fame after appearing in Ali Haider’s Tera naam liya to video song. Sonya lives in Karachi and both have a daughter.


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