To the patriotic Indian youth – Justice Markandey Katju

Most Indian youth are casteist, communal and careerist. They look for cushy jobs and comfortable future lives, and to hell with the country.Most Indian youth are casteist, communal and careerist. They look for cushy jobs and comfortable future lives, and to hell with the country. I have no hopes or expectations from them.

But there are also a few modern minded patriotic youth who are genuinely concerned about the country and want to do something for it. It is to this patriotic section that I am addressing here.
First of all, understand that the road ahead is arduous and perilous, and most of you will perish on your journey before the goal is achieved.

What is that goal ? It is to create a new India, a new social and political order, a highly industrialized country in which our people get decent lives with a high standard of living.

What is the situation in India today ? The situation is (1) there is massive poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, farmers distress etc, and the situation is getting worse day by day ( despite all empty talk of ‘vikas’ ) ( 2) all our state institutions–the legislature, judiciary and executive have collapsed and have become hollow and empty shells (3) most of our present politicians ( of all parties ) have no genuine love for the country ( though they pretend to do so ) and they are really thugs, looters, rogues, rascals, deceivers and gangsters who are in politics for power and pelf (4) the period of relative stability and peace which prevailed in our sub continent since 1857 is rapidly coming to an end, and we are entering a period of turbulence and chaos which India went through from 1707 ( when the last strong Mughal ruler Aurangzeb died ) to 1857 ( when after suppressing the Mutiny British rule in India was consolidated ).

In the coming Lok Sabha elections the likelihood is that no political party will get anywhere near a majority. and there will be a coalition govt in the Centre ( following a struggle for lucrative portfolios ), with regional parties ruling the roost, being king makers ( or rather Prime Minister makers ), like the Syed brothers or regional satraps in the reign of the later Mughals ( e.g. Nizam ul Mulk and Safdar Jung ) who were Emperors only in name but really phantom rulers. A period of chaos will set in, which in my estimate will last 10-15 years or even more.

When the present political order collapses, as it is already doing, a vacuum will be created. But a vacuum cannot last forever. An alternative system is bound to emerge, and it is here that all your creativity will be required to think out what that will be and how it is to be achieved. You should of course draw from the experiences of other countries which went through great transformations, but not blindly and dogmatically, and instead you must study the concrete situation prevailing in India.

As I said earlier, most of you will perish on the journey, but it will be with the battle anthem on your lips ‘ Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan shaheed ho ‘ ( see on YouTube ).

I will of course perish during this journey, as I am already 72 years old, but as long as I live I will do my duty, as Lord Krishna directed us all to do in the Gita, which in my case is to give guidance to you.

By Justice Markandey Katju
former Judge, Supreme Court of India   

Disclaimer: The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not reflect the views and policies of the

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