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Story of Samar Khan – 1st woman in the world to have cycled on Biafo glacier

She is the first women in the world to ride cycle on 4,500 meters Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan.

In an interview with, the 26-year-old Samar Khan from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa shares her journey being a cyclist and World’s First Lady to ride the cycle on glaciers of Northern Range of Pakistan.

Samar Khan is the first woman in the world to have cycled on Biafo glacier

Samar Khan told our Correspondent: I was living a simple life, without any big dreams. Just like any other ordinary girl. My life changed when I got engaged to a guy who liked me. We started meeting each other with the permission of our families. One day, he invited me over to his house to meet some of his relatives.

When I reached there, I saw that it was only his mother and sister. They put a long list of demands in front of me, including things like not talking in Pashto and not using social media or mobile at all. When I asked them how can I possibly leave my mother tongue and my friends, my fiancé became offended. He started abusing me verbally and then both he and his mother started beating me.

His sister didn’t even try to save me. I didn’t understand what was happening until my family found me thrown out of the car in the middle of nowhere. I ended up in the ICU. My parents called off the engagement and I cut myself off from the world.

She said In severe depression, I knew there is not anyone I can trust or rely on! I was looking for a distraction and one day, I came across a paragliding course offered by Pakistan Army. I told my family that I want to join it. They didn’t allow me first because they thought I wasn’t thinking clearly.  still in danger, but they realized that it’s important for me to have a break.

After joining that course, my life changed. I met amazing people who helped to get out from that destructive phase. One of the girls introduced me to cycling. It was a new thing for me and we decided to go from Islamabad to Kunjerab Pass on cycles. It was a life-changing trip for me.

I met so many amazing people who changed my perspective towards life. People often ask me that how is it possible for me to do all this as I belong to lower Dir which is considered the very conservative area.

I answer that I adopted my values, along with my passion, which helps me get respect in my area. My uncle from lower Dir supported me and encouraged me to do well. And I am the first Pakistani girl to break the stereotype and cycled all the way to northern Pakistan. My next goal is to open a sports complex to foster sports activities because they are not just games, they have the potential to change a life.

Samar Khan is the first women in the world to ride cycle on 4,500 meters Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan.

Samar Khan’s story is very inspirational for those who lost faith in their life.

Khan made the trip in July 2016. Due to the paucity of resources, she couldn’t hire a company for her trip; she said in an interview with Pakistani Stories. Undeterred, Khan contacted professional mountain climber Asghar Hussain for her journey.

“You don’t need a trainer, you don’t need very expensive equipment and you can ride in the rain or snow,” Samar Khan said. “It’s pleasant, healthy and good for the environment,”

Encouraging others who wish to take up cycling, Samar Khan said the sport was not as unsafe as commonly perceived. Instead of being dissuaded by someone, “experience it yourself” she counseled to conclude.

Author : Saud Ahmed Chandoor

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