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“Tali Ka Andaz Badlo”

Few weeks before I watched an add running on television regarding transgender.

In my previous blog I discussed about the discrimination happening with transgender. we discussed their nature but after watching that add I loved the theme line “Tali Ka Andaz Badlo”
This is so true that transgender are facing a lot of problems and their life is difficult even beyond our imaginations but this is fine to just focus on problem and not going through the solutions? We always tell the solutions which need little or more financial support or their means to do somethings for them.
The other thing which we are focus is institutions which should be government or non-government and off course it also need finance. We discussed about the steps which should be taken from high command but in this short article my main point will be different which don’t need finance or money. It will need just a small change in our mindset, infect not only our mindset but also transgender.

When I watched that “Tali Ka Andaz Badlo” add, it brain stormed me. Yes! this is important to do something for transgender but if they will try to get out from that messed or fussed up atmosphere, then our all acts will not bear fruits. This is 110% right to change our mind sets about transgender, to accept them, to consider them as member of our society, and to help them in running from societal person. But there should be an initiate from the transgender too.
I saw a transgender on the signal who was doing very vulgar acts just to make people happy and in return to get money. Yes! money is important for everyone but to think yourself as a toy and to accept yourself as this is not right at all thing to do. And if you consider yourself as a toy then considering you same from other people is not special.

Transgender should also change their “Tali Ka Andaz” (clapping style). They should love themselves the way they are. There is no need to wear 6 inch makeups on their face, there is no need to wear extra bright dresses, there is no need to allow everyone to touch you, like other people transgender should recognize their worth.
I know this is my point of view and looks idealistic but ideal things can be in real. This is difficult for transgender to quickly swallow my point, but I think in future with our small effort will be able to change their mindset.
This can easily be done if social activist start sessions on personal grooming of transgender. Like educational issues, personal grooming is also a big issue and if we do sessions in which tell transgender that, this is good to be yourself because you are awesome in your own way, then in my opinion it will bring change and then we will be able to reduce the discrimination with them.
All the social activist should focus on it because our initiatives will bring change.

Etaas Fatima
Punjab University

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