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Tariq Aziz – Father of Game Shows in Pakistan

He was one of the first TV anchors to gain commercial success by using the platform of the quiz show Nelaam Ghar

Tariq Aziz طارق عزیز is Brand Face of Pakistani TV. He Introduced the trend of Live Game Shows from Nelaam Ghar and Tariq Aziz Show on PTV.

Tariq Aziz is pleasant diagnosed for his quiz show- the Neelam Ghar. The Neelam Ghar after renamed as Tariq Aziz show and later the Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz.

Tariq Aziz was born on 28th April in Sahiwal, British India Now in Pakistan.

Tariq Aziz commenced his profession as a radio host at the Pakistan radio network. During his initial years in journalism, he has become a member of Pakistan TV (PTV on account that its transmission in 1964 from Lahore).

Not most effective a television host, He worked as an aspect-actor within the 60s and 70s Pakistani films. His main role was in movie Saalgirah.

Tariq Aziz’s movie won 2 Nigar Awards for that year.

He was one amongst the primary TV anchors to realize the commercial success by exploitation the platform of the quiz show Neelam Ghar / Tariq Aziz Show.

Tariq once regarded lately, as a visitor, and replied all the questions about the sports show Inam Ghar in Pakistan and became the first man to try this. He did this without the use of any help furnished in these sport shows to the participants.

Aziz then donated all of the prizes that he obtained in the game show to an organization which matches for the welfare of humans.Tariq Aziz Show

He turned into scholar politics at some stage in his college days and had joined Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples party in 1970. But later he parted his ways and went returned to the enjoyment global.

In 1996, He contested against Imran Khan and became elected member of Pakistan National Assembly from Lahore. He was one of the political activists who was charged with attacking the preferred court of Pakistan building in 1997.

Tariq Aziz Pakistani Stories


In an interview, Tariq Aziz told PakistaniStories.com that Once in Lahore He had nothing to eat and no place to sleep. Later Lahore Select him as its Leader and sent him to Parliment as Member of National Assembly.

All through President Pervez Musharraf’s ruling length, he joined his political Party Pakistan Muslim League (Q). However, he could not achieve any reputation of notice in that party and again to the amusement enterprise.

But this time his Profession in the entertainment industry could not attain the highs of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.Even at 80, he seems passionate and lively as his younger self.

Tariq Aziz Pakistani Stories

He has a rushing and influential Personality. He is Poetry and Book Lover Personality.

Tariq Aziz has also acquired several awards which include the Pride of Performance Award in 1992 by the President of Pakistan for his services.


Author: Muhammad Awais Riaz

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