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Terrible Times Are Coming – Justice Katju

I wish we could go through the transition quickly and painlessly.


My Indian ( in which word I include Pakistanis and Bangladeshi ) brothers and sisters.
I don’t want to scare you but must tell you the truth.

Terrible times are coming to India.

Consider the following :

Parliamentary elections are coming, and our politicians, who are almost all thugs, criminals, rascals, looters and cunning deceivers with no conscience or genuine love for the country, will use every dirty trick they know to win, including the time-tested methods of instigating communal and caste riots ( which are often really massacres of minorities ), rigging the elections by various means including fixing EVM machines, etc. It is an all-out war for the Delhi Sultanate in which no holds are barred, as Indian history reveals, and rivers of blood may flow.

Terrible Times Are Coming
Terrible Times Are Coming

And after the elections, there are likely to be squabbles over grabbing lucrative portfolios, and continuous infighting among the coalition partners who are likely to form the govt.

In the meantime prices of fuel and other commodities will keep rising, unemployment will keep mounting, farmers distress will keep increasing and child malnourishment will keep growing.

But let us go a bit deeper, and take a look from a more long-term perspective.
As I have often said, India is passing through a transitional period in its history, the transition from a feudal agricultural society to a modern industrial society. At present we are neither totally feudal nor totally modern but somewhere in between.

A transition period is a very painful period in history, and there is a Chinese curse ” May you be born in an age of transition “.

For what does a historical transition mean? It means a period when the old society is being uprooted and torn apart, but a new society has not been put in its place. Old values ( e.g. caste system, arranged marriages, etc in India ) are being questioned, and society is thrown topsy-turvy.

If we read the history of Europe from the 16th to the 19th centuries when Europe was passing through the transition from feudal to modern society we find that this period was full of turmoil turbulence, wars, revolutions, religious massacres ( Catholics massacring Protestants and vice versa, and both massacring the Jews ) etc.

It was only after passing through this fire that modern society emerged in Europe. India ( in which I include Pakistan and Bangladesh ) is presently passing through that fire. We are going through a very painful period in our history which I guess will last another 10-20 years. I wish we could go through the transition quickly and painlessly, but unfortunately, that is not how history operates.


By Justice Markandey Katju
former Judge, Supreme Court of India   
Disclaimer: The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not reflect the views and policies of the
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