The Deodorant Mystery

The history if deodorants go back up to ancient Egypt.

The Deodorant Mystery

You will be surprised to know that there is something from Egypt other than the mighty graves of Egyptian lords.

They used deodorants for scented bathing as it was a norm in Egypt at that time.

But the deodorants with which we are familiar with were invented in 1888.

Men and Women spend millions of dollars every year on deodorants but never thought it out that’s what’s the difference between men’s and women’s deodorants.
Surely it’s not merely the word written in bold letters on the packing. “FOR MEN” or “FOR HER”.

Everyday users assume that there must be a major difference between them but.


They are the very same there is no difference between the formula or anything other than the

“When both genders sweat same how can the deodorants or chemical formula can change”

It’s just a marketing strategy according to a recent study only ten percent of the whole deodorants across the globe are unisex.

Deodorants are classified for girls by giving a light color packing and adding all the girlish things on its packing and giving it an appealing title.

On the other hand, men’s deodorant is given a dark or shocking color and given an aggressive or intimating title that’s the way they market their product.

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Most of the deodorant industries are owned, by big chemical factories and they spend millions of dollars in advertising their products to their customers.

After years of these campaigns which goes on from generations to generations, these deodorants which are meant to be same for men and women felt apart in the consumer’s mind.

Ultimately this led to the uprise in the demand to deodorants in a family of two where one deodorant was enough now two of them are compulsory.

So next time whenever you are out of your deodorant to go for her’s.

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Author: Iftikhar Younis Peerzada 

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