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The kindest gender – Transgenders or Third Gender ?

While walking on the road you may see some people with man’s height, female’s body, margins of beard and dark makeups. What would you call them? Transgenders or third gender? I would prefer to call them “The Kindest Gender”.

In this advanced world where everyone is talking about human rights, feminism has a boom and even street animals have a shelter home, we have nothing for our kindest gender.

I tried to observe them a lot to get any hilarious point on base of which, like other people I would be able to make fun of Transgenders which could make me pretty cool like other people of my age. But I swear since last 6 years of my adulthood I have not observed anything funny about them.Transgenders







I observed them on signals when I had nothing in my hand to give them they smiled and prayed for me, while if I was unable to give anything to other beggars they showed me offense and murmured in mouth which was for sure not good.

I observed their bright smiles with sparkling makeup and dark colored dresses while having so much dirt on their feet which was a complete reflection of their long hard journey which they try to hide from all the hooters.
I observed the warmth of mother in them when they came to my home to give “Lorri” (traditional night rhymes for babies to make them fall asleep) to my newborn nephew and he slept within seconds from the affection of their hands.

I tried to observe them with my little brain and I always felt misery, pity and sorry for them. When they walk on road people harass them, make fun of them but they are not able to share this with anyone. The saddest thing I heard from a Transgender that they are raped again and again but intact police or other people don’t trust them due to which they don’t report this.Transgenders








When we talk about equality then why this is only for male and female? We should raise voice for Transgenders too.

Many of us think that how we can do anything for them, this is duty of state or high command institutions. But we as small part of this society have to do something on our level.

If we make washrooms for transgender in the same row male and female washrooms are located, then what is bad in it? If we make a separate box in front of gender column on every form with a description of “transgender” then this small act will be worthy. We can change the perception about third gender from mind of our kids. If we allow our kids to play with transgender babies, then this will create equality. If we stop giving our newborn transgender to transgender community and accept her/his like our other kids, then this will bring betterment. If we stop our friends, fellows from making fun of transgender then this will be very positive in initiating a movement for Transgenders equality.


We can treat them better, even simply we should treat them like other human. They are part of our society and I know if we support them they will surely make a difference in world.

By Etaas Fatima 
Punjab University Lahore                                                 
 Disclaimer: The views expressed by  the writer  Etaas Fatima and commenters below do not reflect the views and policies of the
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